Mastery of Game + Mastery of Media = Brand Value

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Esports Moment of the Year at The ESPYs

For the first time, esports is getting a proper award at ESPN’s ESPYs award show.

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Who Said GIRLS Can't Be Gamers?

Introducing the best female gamers on the planet, and their struggle to make it BIG.

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Through our Esports Pro Media organization, we offer custom training for aspiring gamers/eSports athletes to help hone media speaking skills and improve your ability to effectively represent yourself, teams, brands and sponsors. Esportz Pro, working with Gamers and Sponsors offers media strategy, direct instruction online curriculum, ongoing  reinforcement and professional development.

Esportz Pro participants attending select program offerings will receive the Orai Mobile App. Orai is an AI Speech Coach providing automated real-time feedback in critical areas of speach: 1. Filler words 2. Pace 3. Clarity and enunciation 4. Energy variation and tone 5. Pausing. We will also be adding body language and facial expressions to this valuable learning resource. 

Media Training will help gamers hone their media skills and improve the ability to effectively represent teams, brands and sponsors.

Mastery of Game + Mastery of Media = Brand Value!


For Gamers, By Gamers.

We’re here to help train and support media communications.

Our Esportz Network is dedicated to bringing the best game play to you wherever you consume your gaming news and information. We can help you reach and engage a global esports audience with a voice that is uniquely yours. We know how important it is to reach esports fans wherever they live and play.

When you think of gaming, think of Esportz Network!

For Gamers, By Gamers.

Who We Are

Esportz Entertainment Corp. / is built around an online eSports news and entertainment network with over 90 professional reporters, photographers and videographers. We are a Reuters partner providing esports coverage to news outlets around the world. We report on professional esports leagues, teams, athletes and esports events.

We bring a multitude of experienced perspectives to every opportunity, finding the most compelling approach to get exceptional coverage for esports fans. Our marketing and media relations team is among the best in the world. We've even incorporated AI into our Esportz Pro Media Training. 

We serve Fortune 100/500 companies, brands, teams, gamers, event organizers, investors, entrepreneurs, and startups. We know how important it is to reach esports fans with authentic news and entertainment content wherever they live and play.

What We Do

Strategic Planning and Branding

• Brand Vision & Identity Planning
• Brand Identity Development & Positioning
• Developing your Vision, Architecture, and Personality
• Esports Strategies for Companies, Brands, Products, and Campaigns

Media Training & Ongoing Support

• Media and Speaker Training
• Gamer and Team Brand Promotion
• Media Interview Scheduling and  Management

Press Promotion and Management

• Press Release Development and Distribution
• Press Outreach and Client Interview Support
• Press Evaluation and Response for all Media Inquiries

Communication Strategy

• Story Research and Development
• Complete Campaign Management
• Communications Planning and Rollout

Digital Media Development and Management

• Web Design & Development
• Video Production & Photography
• Graphic Design & Logo Creation

Influencer Marketing and Relations

• Influencer planning and Engagement
• Influencer Strategy and Campaign Collaboration
• Identification, Analytics and Contact with Influencers