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Mission Statement

To cater content for the esports audience and their diversified needs: highlights, stories, reports, and analysis.

Job Description

Esportz Network is looking for a dedicated individual to join our core reporting and production team.

As part of the esports team, you will work in collaboration with a team of esports professionals to design and execute best-in-class esports programming.

The Broadcast Director will work with setting up custom show productions in our studio, operating live broadcasts as well as processing recorded content provided by our international reporters.

  • Develop and oversee all broadcasting of live and recorded content in accordance with the Esportz Network’s missions and goals.
  • Coordinate all programming and production resources of Esportz Network for all-out impact and effectiveness.
  • Compile and sort through information from interviews to extract information, edit and produce exceptional content.
  • Conduct and produce interviews with gamers, teams, game developers, brands, spectators, event staff and technology experts.
  • Develop and coordinate all in house productions as approved by the CEO.
  • Assist with developing policies and procedures for our production staff and reporters to follow which consistently improve the quality and effectiveness of our programing.
  • Manage the development and oversight of production staff and support units to carry out production initiatives.
  • Help to Identify the latest trends in the gaming industry and stories that would increase our channel viewership, sharing and following
  • Serve as a Competitive Gaming functional expert and work with the Global Brand Management and Campaign Management teams to create programing that meshes with the Esportz Network programing along with the Brand’s marketing objectives
  • Use exceptional attention to details and ability to multitask to track progress of the programing you are developing and managing while also keeping other team members informed.

Qualifications and Experience
  • Exceptional verbal, written, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to engage with audiences and interact with reporters and guests.
  • Ability to absorb information quickly and improvise as needed.
  • Adept at combining your vision with the insights you gain from listening to others to navigate a way forward in partnership to create joint impact.
  • Expert knowledge of and social and streaming media.
  • Top level knowledge of gaming, players, teams, events, leagues, tournaments.
  • He or she should possess a superior knowledge of both the professional major esports as well as collegiate esports, and the rising amateur esports players and teams.
  • Maintain intimate knowledge of the global competitive landscape, including awareness of industry, its trends, competitive intelligence and best practices.
  • Ability to manage projects on schedule and within budget.
  • Active and professional user of social media.Our mission is to provide top-tier esports reporting. The Onboarding Associate, Partnerships Development will work with our editorial staff and reporters who are producing content with the objective of reaching millions of viewers on the Esportz Network.
  • Highly motivated, can work well independently or in team environment.
  • Night and weekend availability are required.
  • Gets along well with others and has an interest in delivering excellent customer service.

Additional Considerations
  • 5+ years’ experience in games, entertainment, sports, or related industry, including roles in esports program management experience
  • Experience working on live events, tournaments, and/or live broadcasts.
  • Proven experience working for or with professional esports organizations.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status.

How to apply

Please submit a few details about yourself, making sure you include specifics about:

  • Your resume/CV and cover letter
  • Link to your online portfolio
  • Where you are located
  • Any and all esports experience