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Mission Statement

To provide media strategy and training for gamers, teams, and brands to meaningfully impact the future of eSports.

Job Description

eSports Media Trainers will be tasked to train eSports players, coaches, managers, brands and other entities in the art of speaking to the media and public. Trainers will need to understand the current environment of eSports and understand professional streaming etiquette among other proper social media and traditional media practices.

Chosen trainers will be contracted to customers as they are booked. Since many Esportz Pro customers will be colleges and teams in locations spread throughout the United States, trainers should expect to travel and have a vehicle to do so. Trainers in remote locations distant from our headquarters may initiate interviews and training via webinar.

  • Teaching and developing trainees to better represent themselves and their sponsors
  • Analyzing individuals’ social weak points and other factors that may affect their marketability and public relations
  • Conveying and demonstrating professional examples of a mindful and articulate communicator in the world of eSports and sports alike
  • Delivering illustrative learning material for students who may become professional players, coaches, organization owners, and others involved in the gaming entertainment industry
  • Building relationships with clients by helping them develop a strategy statement and aiding them to stay consistent with it
  • Exhibiting proper disposition and responses to interviewers, cameras, and events of an unpredictable nature
  • Explaining examples of media pitfalls and collapse in the gaming community and pointing out areas of improvement and appropriate practices
  • Evaluating engagement on social platforms and communities that may affect one’s public portrayal

Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in communication, business, marketing, sports administration, psychology or equivalent relevant experience
  • Positive attitude with a fondness for giving meaningful guidance
  • Understanding of the current eSports and gaming environment, culture, and language
  • Extraordinary presentation and interpersonal communication skills
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Adaptability and willingness to adjust to accommodate individual needs

Additional Considerations
  • Fluency in English, Chinese, Korean, and/or Spanish is a plus.
  • Experience in teaching, coaching, tutoring, or other relevant occupations.
  • Experience working on live events, tournaments, and/or live broadcasts.
  • Proven experience working for or with professional eSports organizations.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status.

How to apply

Please submit a few details about yourself, making sure you include these specifics:

  • Your resume/CV and cover letter
  • Link to your online portfolio
  • Where you are located
  • Any and all eSports experience