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Mission Statement

To cater content for the esports audience and their diversified needs: highlights, stories, reports, and analysis.

Job Description

We are looking for talented freelance reporters and journalists who are interested in live reporting and being a correspondent for our gaming/esports-centered news organization. In this position, we will need you to interview esports players, teams, sponsors, audience, event managers, game developers, and support staff, as appropriate, to develop compelling news and background stories. As part of a news network, you will work and collaborate with a team of esports professionals to deliver top-notch esports programming and entertainment.

The successful candidate must have excellent interpersonal skills, huge drive to succeed, outstanding work ethic, character, integrity and professionalism, and be a team player.

  • Originate/Generate story ideas for content creation by having extensive knowledge of the gaming industry and a solid grasp of current and evolving gaming trends:
  • Identify the latest trends in the gaming industry and pitch stories that would increase readership/viewership; Confer with editorial staff regarding placement and emphasis of developing new stories.
  • duct extensive research on a story’s background information to ensure accuracy and credibility of sources. Use strong communication skills to establish and maintain professional relationships with gamers, teams, game developers, event personnel and reporters who are credible sources of information and arrange interviews with these individuals in a timely manner.
  • Conduct interviews with gamers, teams, game developers, brands, spectators, event staff and technology experts. Compile and sort through information from interviews, and work with subject matter experts to extract information, edit and produce exceptional content.
  • Gather and edit compelling video and captivating sound to support the story. Keep up with tight deadlines and short turnaround time for articles while maintaining accuracy in a high-pressure environment.
  • Use exceptional attention to details and ability to multitask to track progress of your reporting and keep other team members informed.
  • Perform revisions to content by editing and fact checking to further develop interesting stories: Review all reporting before submission to the editorial staff to ensure that all reporting is accurate and meets Esportz Network content standards.
  • Update stories as they develop and evaluate the success of each published story to continuously improve and increase viewership.
  • Develop a network of sources who provide tips, early access to information, and allow the reporter to break stories of significance. v Will contribute pictures, video and text updates to mobile platforms consistently throughout the day when on assignment.
  • Unwavering journalistic integrity and ethical standards.

Qualifications and Experience
    • Excellent verbal, written, improvisational and interviewing skills, familiar with AP Style.
    • Ability to engage with audiences and interact with reporters and guests.
    • Ability to absorb information quickly and write in an appropriate style.
    • Able to generate exclusive stories, capturing investigated breaking news.
    • Professional image and appropriate attire.
    • Expert knowledge of and social and streaming media.
    • Top level knowledge of gaming, players, teams, events, leagues, tournaments.
    • Superior knowledge of both the professional major esports as well as collegiate esports, and the rising amateur esports players and teams.
    • Active and professional user of social media.
    • Highly motivated, can work well independently or in team environment.
    • Highly cooperative, gets along well with others and has an interest in being responsive and delivering excellent work.
    • Night and weekend availability.

Additional Considerations
      • 5+ years’ experience in games, entertainment, sports, or related industry, including roles in esports program management experience.
      • 3 Years Prior experience as an esports announcer or reporter.
      • Proven experience working for or with professional esports organizations.
      • Experience working on live events, tournaments, and/or live broadcasts.


The compensation will be commensurate with the quality and originality of individual stories submitted and approved by our editors.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status.
How to apply

Please submit a few details about yourself, making sure you include specifics about:

      • Your resume/CV and cover letter
      • Link to your online portfolio
      • Where you are located
      • Any and all esports experience